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Ergonomic Headrests - It's Time To Move On

Posted by Alexa G on

Why Invest in Ergonomic Chair and Headrest? Article by Jan Tissing BHS, MHs   The overwhelming majority of you are reading these lines from a chair whose original design was developed far before the typewriter's...

Herman Miller Aeron Chair and Headrest - All You Need to Know

Posted by Alexa G on

Working at your desk for more than six hours without ergonomic support, such as an Aeron Chair and headrest, can result in fatigue and physical problems including neck, shoulder and back pain. Sitting in the...

Office Ergonomics Checklist

Posted by Alexa G on

Have you ever experienced neck or back pain after sitting for hours at your desk? How did that affect your day or project completion?  How the discomfort and pain associated with the extended sitting of...

What's An Ergonomic Office Chair? Why Do You Need One?

Posted by Amir Iagher on

Ergonomic Chairs There are several types of office chairs around. However, not all of them are ergonomic even though they may look aesthetically pleasing. To avoid health issues caused by sitting extensively on a support-lacking...

What Are The Most Popular Office Chairs On The Market?

Posted by Amir Iagher on

Popular Office Chairs If you work the usual nine to five routine, you understand the challenge of being glued to your chair all day. If you work all day on a lousy office chair, you’ll...