Our Top 10 Customer Reviews for the Aeron Chair Headrest

Engineered Now Herman Miller Aeron Headrest Reviews


Feedback from our customers helps us deliver the best ergonomic headrest for Herman Miller Chair owners. Engineered Now is pleased to offer a line of top-quality headrests to maximize the investment of our customers in their ergonomic office chairs such as the Aeron or other Herman Miller chairs. 


Why Our Customers Love the Hedrest for Their Aeron Chair

Our headrests provide real-life solutions to real-life issues associated with the prolonged seating of nowadays tech-savvy workers. Backed by years of research and customer reviews, the Engineered Now headrest for the Aeron has been proven to:

  • Improve ergonomic sitting posture
  • Reduce neck, shoulders, and back pain while reducing muscular fatigue
  • Increase comfort to hours while sitting in the chair
  • Increase productivity, focus and task accomplishment


We invite you to relate with our top-customer reviews by learning how the original headrest for the Aeron chair provided the much-needed ergonomic support and their experience with the product. You can find a complete list of reviews on the Engineered Now Amazon Store. 


 Customer Reviews

Engineered Now Headrest Reviews




“Supporting your head with a chair & headrest match.”

“I am very pleased by the fit and look along with ease of installation to value.
A great addition to my chair and for me.”



Marco Castellanos



“Should be a part of the chair”

“With as almost as many features to adjust the headrest as the chair your neck will thank you.”



Alexander Ch



“Major Breakthrough On My Neck Pain”

“Been suffering from chronic and intense neck pain for years from too much work, and after four months of physical therapy and trying many other solutions, this neck support has been the biggest a breakthrough I’ve had. It’s pricey, but so is each visit of physical therapy. The only thing I would change would be to allow it to tilt slightly back instead of having its maximum at straight up. Otherwise very satisfied.”






“Perfect companion for the Aeron”

“While shopping for a Herman Miller chair, I was up against the Aeron and MIrra. I ultimately went with the Aeron because they was a headset available. This headrest is the perfect companion for the chair.”



Dennis K



”Great product - comform all the way!!!”

“These are great headrests: very comfortable and flexible. Great addition to already fabulous Herman Miller chairs, which I have two of. I purchased two of these headrest, and could not be happier with the purchase.
Great job, ladies and gentlemen !!!
Dennis K”


Aeron Chair Headrest Customer Reviews - Engineered now



 Michael J. Rentner



”Quality Easily Matches Hermann Miller Chair

“I bought this not knowing for sure what I'd get. So often something looks good but when you get it you learn that it's junk. Not this time!

This looks really good. I mean the style exactly conforms to the original chair, same look, same feel, same weight of components.

This feels really good. It's so adjustable, but doesn't move unless you intend to move it.

The whole thing is brilliant and I couldn't be happier.”



Diana Joan



Makes a great chair even better

“While it seemed strange to spend about 10% of the Aeron chair's lofty price for just a headrest I'm glad I did. This headrest has really improved my computer work productivity and body posture by keeping my head in alignment with the computer screens. It is very comfortable to now sit up perfectly straight while at my desk...previously I didn't realize how much I was hunching forward, ruining my posture, and sometimes getting fatigued.

It is easy to install this headrest (instructions are clear) and the product quality seems to match that of Herman Miller, including the Mineral color and fabric. My Aeron chair (purchased new in 2022) is the Remastered model which this headrest is intended for.

Bottom line: If you have a recent-model Aeron chair this headrest is truly worth another 10%.”




02/12/ 2023


Expectations met - Good match between headrest and chair

“I thought I should add a review since I relied on other reviews before making my purchase. I bought the headrest (H4 remastered in graphite) for a new Aeron size C in graphite gray. The headrest is of good quality and the color and fabric mesh match between the two is quite good (see photos). So far I am pleased with my purchase.”


Devin Mayne



Hopefully this review helps…

“I just bought my aeron chair, and am relatively happy with it, but like many people, since it's primarily for long gaming sessions, neck support helps a lot. Herman Miller does not make an OEM add-on for neck support, so third party is the only option, and there's a solid amount of options, and they're all around $100.

I'm happy with this one, and so long as I keep the chair, will keep this. The quality is good, and the weave matches damn near perfectly. There's two minor issues with it. For one, the locking mechanism doesn't tighten it to be 100% secure in its position, you can still force it around, but it wont move on its own from normal neck movements. I saw this complaint a lot in reviews, making it sound as if it wouldn't maintain its setting; rest assured, it does.

I also saw complaints of the vertical positioning being loose, well, again, I'm not sure why they're complaining, because the company sent stopper clips for my unit, and they work flawlessly to lock the vertical positioning in place. Perhaps this wasn't an addition in earlier sold units, but it is now, so that complaint is also mute.

In the end, I'm glad I grabbed it. I've only used it for a day so far but as of now, I'm impressed. If something changes, I'll be sure to update.“First off, I was torn for days on ordering this because the reviews are all over the place. The item looked good on paper and seemed well matched and well made, but some reviews seemed like you'd be getting a piece of plastic worth 5 dollars, tops...

Well, ignore most of the reviews, because I went ahead and ordered it despite them, and it's actually great.”


Ty Jackson



“Great investment

“I work remotely now and figured that I should make my workspace more comfy. I'm 6'4" and my headrest only came to the base of my neck. I used white, moldable plastic to fit it to the back of my ergonomic chair and the color is similar enough to make it all look like it matches. Even though I mainly bought this because it's the only nice white/ grey option on Amazon rn, I'm so glad I did. So comfortable and well made. I'm sure I'll have this thing for a long time to customize future Chairs!”


If you have a question about how Engineered Now headrest can help you support a good sitting posture, please contact us. Our customer support will be happy to anser your questions. 

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