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Engineered Now Aeron Headrest - FAQs

Looking for more information on our headrests? Here are some of our most commonly asked questions:

Is a chair included with my order?

No. Engineered Now manufactures headrests made specifically for the Herman Miller Aeron chair. We do not sell the chair itself.

Which size Aeron chair does the headrest fit?

Engineered Now headrests are universally designed for all three sizes of Aeron (A, B and C). If you have an ‘A’ size (the smallest), you will find a spare bolt included in the accessory pack, which is exactly ½” shorter and ensures the headrest can be fully tightened.

Should I order the H3 or the H4?

The H3 is designed for those under 5’-11” (180 cm) tall. If you are 5’-11” or taller, the H4 is slightly larger will allow for better adjustability and fit.
The H4 is 20% larger than the H3.

I have a task chair other than the Aeron. Will this headrest fit?

Engineered Now headrests are specifically designed for the Herman Miller Aeron chair, so unfortunately we can only assure they will fit this model. While there is a bit of adjustment in the fit of the chair, it is not enough to ensure a proper fit on any other chair.

Which color headrest should I choose to match my Aeron chair?

Our line of headrests are designed to compliment the Classic and Remastered Aeron offering. Order the color that corresponds to the chair you have. You can find your chair's color code from the white sticker underneath the chair.

I can’t get my attachment bolt to tighten all the way.

If your bolt won’t tighten completely, you likely have a Size A chair. In this case, simply swap out the current bolt with the replacement bolt included in the assembly bag that came with your headrest. This bolt is slightly shorter and will allow you to tighten your headrest completely.

How do I know which size Aeron I have?

The Aeron chair comes in three sizes: A, B and C (smallest to largest). You can easily determine which size you have by feeling for one, two or three bumps located under the flange on the top/back of the chair, right at the center. Place your hand up and between the flange and the mesh to locate the bumps. One bump = Size A, two bumps = Size B and three bumps = Size C.

My headrest is flopping forward. How do I fix it?

If your headrest is flopping forward, you’ll need to slightly tighten the tension bolt located inside the side caps on the neck of the headrest. Some special attention is needed for parts of the process! Please take a look at the Installation section of our website for downloadable PDF's and instructional videos.

I damaged the cap on the side of my headrest when tightening the bolt. Can I get a new one?

Absolutely! Your headrest arrives with extras, but Engineered Now will always provide you with replacement caps, if needed. Simply contact us and we’ll send them to you at no charge.

My headrest doesn’t lock into place. Is there something wrong with it?

No, this is by design. Engineered Now knows that no one stays in one position all day. Our headrests are designed to be free-flowing, move with you, and adjustments are made easily from a seated position. If you find that your headrest is flopping forward, you simply need to slightly tighten the tension bolt located inside the side caps. Having the right tension is important for getting the perfect experience from the headrest. You want to have it just tight enough to take your weight but still adjustable by hand while seated. Note: The Tilt adjustment is made to ALWAYS remain free to move with the user’s body and adjustments should be done with special care.

What if I ordered the wrong headrest?

EngineeredNow will accept your return for any reason, within the 30-day return period, starting from the date your item was delivered.

Do you deliver outside of the US?

Yes, international shipping is now available via all platforms.
We use DHL Express for reliable, fast door to door service to over 200 countries worldwide.

We ship with DHL Express DDU, meaning that if any taxes or duties are charged on the buyer's end, they are the buyer's responsibility

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