The Original Headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Expertly crafted for optimal comfort.


Elevate Your Game

Ace any level with a Headrest for your Aeron Gaming Chair.


Rest Your Head and Revive Your Focus

Ergonomic headrest perfectly matches Herman Miller’s colors and mesh.


Innovating Workspaces

Maintain a healthy sitting posture and elevate productivity.


Work-life solution to keep you inspired and your spine aligned

Engineered Now created the first headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron chair and we haven’t stopped innovating.

 We offer a 12-year warranty,
same length as Herman Miller’s seating products.

Support your posture with a top-quality ergonomic headrest
for your Herman Miller.

Engineered Now is Proud to Present
the Headrest for Mirra 2 Chair

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Superior Ergonomics

Eliminate upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. A relaxed position helps avoid health risks associated with excessive sitting.

Instant Relief

Expand your comfort zone and improve performance with a solution that helps your business thrive.

Strong & Versatile

Maintain a healthy posture with reliable support and easily adjusted from your sitting position. 

Simple Installation

Arrives with everything you need and takes only minutes to install.

Say Hello to our newest model - Headrest for the Mirra 2 Chair

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Essential Ergonomic Support

The most comfortable and functional headrest for the Herman Miller chair.

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