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What's An Ergonomic Office Chair? Why Do You Need One?

What's An Ergonomic Office Chair? Why Do You Need One?

Ergonomic Chairs

There are several types of office chairs around. However, not all of them are ergonomic even though they may look aesthetically pleasing. To avoid health issues caused by sitting extensively on a support-lacking office chair, choosing an ergonomic chair is vital.

So, how do you identify an ergonomic chair? Check out these minimum features that qualifies an office chair as ergonomic:

Adjustable Seat Height

This should help you move your seat height. When doing so, your feet will land nicely on the ground and your knees will be somewhat lower than your hips.

Adjustable Seat Slider

When you modify your seat’s depth, you’ll find yourself one to four inches away from your seat’s front-edge away from the back of your knee. By doing so, your blood flow improves and you’ll get better leg support.

Adjustable Back Rest Height

This makes sure that you get to maneuver the back rest of the chair to fit your body's curves. Coupled with the cushions for maximum back support, this is one of the important features that makes a chair ergonomic.

Swivel Fixtures

Gives you the freedom to roll around when seated.

Tension Adjustment (Back Tilt)

Look out for this control knob where you can alter the force required to move your back support when seated.

Adjustable Arm Backing

As a basic feature, an office chair’s arms have adjustable heights. At times, you can even maneuver the widths or position the padding to best support your arms while you work at your desk.

Superior Casters

You don't want to buy a chair easily broken. Casters include a mounting and a wheel attached to the base on the office chair. They may look little but essentially these support your entire body weight.

Wheel Base With Steadiness

Fundamentally, you should have at least a caster base that can include five casters.

Lumbar Support

At times, this is meshed or fixed with a cushion. You’ll want to ensure that this is height adjustable on its own. In effect, this fixture offers great beneficial back support that you’ll really need especially when you're desk-bound for long periods of time

Adjustable Headrest

Even though this is optional for ergonomic chairs, this fixture can truly provide additional support for your neck, upper back and shoulders. It is essentially a piece that can improve your work quality while preventing unnecessary pain.

When looking for these features, you can successfully choose an ergonomic chair. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us.

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