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    » EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE UPGRADE TO YOUR HERMAN MILLER AERON -  Our headrests are designed to provide you with the neck support the Aeron Chairs are missing while perfectly complimenting your Aeron in terms of quality, color, fabric and design. Find the fit for you by first selecting your height and following the prompts below to make sure you get a perfect match.
    » A PERFECT FIT - The H3 EN is our standard size headrest designed to provide you with the neck support the Aeron Chairs are missing. The H3 continues to be our most popular model, comfortably fitting all users under 5'11".
    » IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE AND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY WITH SUPERIOR ERGONOMICS– Our headrests are ergonomically designed to offer you the support you need to straighten up and be able to remain comfortable, aligned and focused throughout the day - minimizing back and neck pain while increasing productivity.
    » FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Three different adjustment options allow you to fully customize your experience. The headrest "Locks" into position for catered support, but can still be adjusted easily by hand from sitting. With ergonomics in the forefront of our design, the headrest adjustments are intended to be free flowing and to flex with your body's position in order to preserve an ideal body posture.
    » 100% GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR COMFORT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – No questions asked 30-day return policy. Additionally, this headrest comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
    » STRONG, BUT VERSATILE - Provides reliable support that adjusts freely Up & Down, Forward & Backward, Tilt Up & Tilt Down, all from a seated position.
    » SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Arrives with everything you need and takes only minutes to install! Check out our Installment page for a guided installation video.
        CHOOSE YOUR HEADREST - Find the fit for you by first selecting your height.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 31 reviews
        Charles Robertson
        Great addition

        Never thought I'd be adding shiny objects to my office chair, much less shiny objects that themselves cost as much as most of my last string of office chairs. However, I'm done with cheap office chairs, and now, for as long as I own this Aeron, I'll be able to occasionally enjoy the headrest. Well built, good fit. Great look. Probably a little pricey viewed as a single event, but I spend hours a day at my desk...this will probably break down to a couple of pennies per use by some point. I liked it so much that I got another one for my desk chair at our beach place. I think I'll use it even more there. Thanks!

        So beautiful, so comfortable

        The headrest looks like it was made by herman miller, the same exact frame and fabric.
        But the comfort, the way it holds my head and neck, heavenly.
        I only regret not finding it sooner.

        Sean Bingham
        Thanks for all the help!

        I needed an exchanged (H3 to H4) and support was fantastic. Thank you!

        H3 classic great headrest

        Shipping was super fast! , headrest is nice and comfortable!

        David Merdian
        Great product -H4

        I have had my Herman Miller Aeron now for about 3 years and I love this chair. However - I had an issue where my neck was really starting to hurt and ended up with pinched nerves that caused a couple of my fingers to go numb. I have been fighting this issue for the last 6 months. Finally starting to get better and the headrest is really helping. It's very comfy, adjustable, and works even with my headphones on (I have a pair of big over the ear headphones). It helps by reminding me to keep my posture upright more - catch myself slowly leaning forwards and putting strain on my neck. Plus it's just comfy to lean against.

        I am 5'10" but an more upper torso so the H4 works perfect for me. The customer service people were very easy to work with as well. I was out of town when they had a promo going on and wanted to take advantage of a promo but didn't want it sitting outside my house in the weather waiting for me. I worked with them and they were able to help me with my situation and followed up to make sure I was happy with my purchase.

        Would highly recommend for anyone, especially if you have poor posture like me and want to help fix it.