Engineered Now - Our Story

Several years ago, the founder of Engineered Now purchased an Aeron Chair for his home office. He spent countless hours in the ergonomic marvel and after a hard day’s work, he often found himself leaning back to take in the day’s accomplishments, read the news, or watch an episode online. After several weeks, he began to notice neck and upper shoulder pain and it soon became clear, with no support for his head, the hours in the chair were taking a toll on the muscles of his neck and upper shoulders. The Mission: Find the missing piece.

The first generation headrest, ENjoy, allowed free-flowing motion that was adjustable to the movement of the body. It was well-received by both corporate and individual customers and was followed shortly after by ENlighten, which introduced leather to match the armrests of the Aeron Chair.

After the initial success of ENjoy and ENlighten, customers began to chime in on what features they’d like to see in the next generation of headrest. The ability to move the headrest forward while sitting upright and the ability to lock it in place brought the development of ENrich. This was followed quickly by ENgage, which delivering on its name, was the most engaging headrest to-date. Highly adjustable and proportioned to accommodate various heights, it offered support in recline and upright positions, as well as ergonomic support in the forward tilt position.

Engineered Now offers the fine-tuned H3, H4, HW and Mirra 2 models, which accommodate users of varying heights and offer maximum adjustability. From large corporations to home offices, these ergonomic add-ons are a must for every avid Aeron chair owner.

We are constantly working on adding new and improved models; allowing more people to experience the benefits of using Engineered Now products. If you have a question about our headrests, please contact us. We'll be happy. to assist you.