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What's An Ergonomic Office Chair? Why Do You Need One?

Posted by Amir Iagher on

Ergonomic Chairs There are several types of office chairs around. However, not all of them are ergonomic even though they may look aesthetically pleasing. To avoid health issues caused by sitting extensively on a support-lacking...

What You Should Look For When Choosing An Office Chair?

Posted by Amir Iagher on

Choosing a Comfortable Office Chair Having a comfortable office chair is a must-have especially when you’ll be spending lots of time on it at work. Don’t underestimate the importance of this piece of furniture as...

What Makes Our Herman Miller Chair Headrest The Best On The Market?

Posted by Amir Iagher on
If you know who we are, then you know our story. You also understand our determination in providing you with proper lumbar support to accomplish your tasks. Our founder realized that no matter how ergonomically apt an office chair may be, it's still inadequate without proper neck support. He set out to discover what that missing piece was. But in his quest to discover the missing link, he discovered the ‘piece de resistance’ of office furniture and ergonomics. Our Herman Miller Chair Headrest is engineered for the now to benefit you for the future...

Why Should You Buy a Headrest for Your Herman Miller Office Chair?

Posted by Amir Iagher on
Chair manufacturers market their products based on the ergonomics which are usually targeted toward back support only. However, the neck, which is a very important part of the human anatomy, is often neglected. When you are in a sitting position, it is important to provide your neck with proper support. Thankfully, we have designed a solution that takes this vital body part into consideration. If you already have a Herman Miller Office Chair which provides the perfect amount of back support, then finish it off with the Herman Miller Aeron Headrest...

About Seating Ergonomics

Posted by Amir Iagher on
When we hear ‘ergonomics’, what usually comes to mind is comfort. In today’s world of work, ergonomic furniture is trending and rightfully so. Employees are concerned about their comfort and physical well-being, and employers want to provide their employees with the right environment that fosters productivity. So what exactly is ergonomic seating? The focus is on the design. Chair manufacturers create ergonomic seating that provides upper and lower body support to reduce physical stress and strain. The ultimate goal is to help prevent long term...