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What Makes Our Herman Miller Chair Headrest The Best On The Market?

What Makes Our Herman Miller Chair Headrest The Best On The Market?
If you know who we are, then you know our story. You also understand our determination in providing you with proper lumbar support to accomplish your tasks. Our founder realized that no matter how ergonomically apt an office chair may be, it's still inadequate without proper neck support. He set out to discover what that missing piece was. But in his quest to discover the missing link, he discovered the ‘piece de resistance’ of office furniture and ergonomics.

Our Herman Miller Chair Headrest is engineered for the now to benefit you for the future. Available with everything you need, it comes in different sizes to suit your height. The H3 is better suited to persons under 5’ 11” while the H4 is ideal for persons taller than 5’ 11”. The headrest itself is easily adjustable from a sitting position. You can customize your comfort to suit your needs. By simply reaching backward you can tilt or slide it up or down, or tilt it forward and backward for proper alignment, support, and comfort. It’s perfect for long hours of work or some relaxing reading or screen time.

Neck, back, and shoulder pain after long hours of working sitting down is a thing of the past with the Aeron Headrest. No matter what size Aeron chair you have (Size A, B or C), the H3 or H4 models will fit. Both at reasonable prices, what more could you want from the perfect complement for your perfect chair?

At Engineered Now, our word is our bond. We won’t give you something we can’t guarantee. Don’t suffer through life with pain as your reward for hours of dedication and productivity. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Headrest offers instant relief. Get yours now and feel the difference!

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