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Why Should You Buy a Headrest for Your Herman Miller Office Chair?

Posted by Amir Iagher on
Why Should You Buy a Headrest for Your Herman Miller Office Chair?
Chair manufacturers market their products based on the ergonomics which are usually targeted toward back support only. However, the neck, which is a very important part of the human anatomy, is often neglected. When you're in a sitting position, it's important to provide your neck with proper support. Thankfully, we have designed a solution that takes this vital body part into consideration.

If you already have a Herman Miller Office Chair which provides the perfect amount of back support, then finish it off with the Herman Miller Aeron Headrest. Ergonomically designed to eliminate pain in your shoulders, neck and upper back, this headrest will change your life. Whether you’re at work or in your home office, the Aeron Headrest is ideal for long hours of work.

It provides support and relaxation you can rely on while allowing you to maximize your productivity. Easily adjustable when seated, you can maneuver your headrest up and down or forward and backward to suit your specific needs.

What makes us such experts on back and neck support? We’ve been where you’ve been. We know the pain of finding the perfect chair only to realize that something is missing. Imagine ending your day with pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders after sitting for long hours. You would most likely feel more exhausted and frustrated when your workday is over. In fact, proper ergonomic posture increases employee productivity and strengthens business performance. That’s why at Engineered Now, we designed a headrest to make working as comfortable and enjoyable while you sit. Find a complete checklist of office ergonomics here. 

You can trust that when we say there’s nothing better than the Herman Miller Aeron Headrest, we mean it! We're prepared to stand by our word, and ‘feeling is believing’ with our Herman Miller Aeron Headrest. Place your order here.

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