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What’s The Difference Between An Office Chair and Your Chair at Home?

What’s The Difference Between An Office Chair and Your Chair at Home?

Office Chair vs. House Chair

You might be wondering if you can use the same chair you use in your dining room for your office. While you're not alone in this dilemma, a lot of people can’t tell the difference between an office chair and a home chair. We understand your predicament if you're one of such persons which is why we've outlined a few differences below. This article will help you make a better decision when you're in the market for new office furniture.


While you can easily make adjustments to your office chair, you can barely do so with your dining room chair. The best office furniture comes with features that make it easy for you to make an adjustment to suit your seating preference.

Brands such as the Herman Miller Aeron Chair are equipped with features which makes it easy to adjust the seat depth, height, angle, and tension. You can also easily adjust the back height, angle, lumbar support, and headrest.

Built to Last

While all furniture is built to be long-lasting, the best office chairs are made with extra care. This is because office chairs are used five days a week or daily and for long hours. So you can expect that the fabrics on an office chair to be durable and support you for a long time.

Design and Aesthetics

Office and home furniture are made with different specifications to accommodate a varying degree of use. Office chairs, for example, are available in different designs with a wide range of features. These ergonomic chairs are designed to be fancy and also support long working hours without straining your back. Executive office chairs, on the other hand, are made for executives and leaders. So you can expect that they'll be more stylish and comfortable to support the user compared to the former.

Accessories and Extras

Most office furniture will come packed with extra accessories. You can expect to find assembly tools and removable neck and lumbar support. Some brands of office chairs offer a feature such as built-in massage units and a retractable footrest.

Our Best Pick

Finding the right office chair that offers maximum comfort for long hours has become easy. With the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, working long office hours has become more fun. This is due to the stylish design and features that help to ensure you remain comfortable while you work.

We've designed a headrest for the Aeron Chair to further increase your comfort and reduce the stress placed on your lower and upper back. Contact us for more information about our H3 and H4 Aeron Chair Headrest.

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