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  • SAFE FOR ALL FLOOR TYPES – Engineered Now Chair Casters eliminate the need for chair mats and protect even the most precious floors from scuffs and scratches. From fine hardwood floors to delicate tile flooring protect your flooring with High quality casters.
  • HEAVY DUTY HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Our chair casters are made with to the highest standards. Using only the best quality of high grades steal and polyurethane – these casters are some of the strongest on the market with a maximum weight capability of 650lbs ensure you years of smooth rolling comfort.
  • SMOOTH SILENT MOTION PROMOTES FOCUS – Engineered Now Casters offer you uninterrupted focus as you glide with ease in your office task chair. Expertly designed, our casters swivel effortlessly and without making a peep so you can maintain focus through the work day.

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  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Three different adjustment options allow you to fully customize your experience, ensuring that your comfort is tailored to your personal preference. The headrest "Locks" into any position for strong support, but can still be adjusted freely by hand without having to get up from your chair.
  • Patented design fits all Herman Miller Aeron Chair models and configurations.
  • 100% GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR COMFORT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - backed up by Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee. Additionally this headrest is backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.
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