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  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Three different adjustment options allow you to fully customize your experience, ensuring that your comfort is tailored to your personal preference. The headrest "Locks" into any position for strong support, but can still be adjusted freely by hand without having to get up from your chair.
  • Patented design fits all Herman Miller Aeron Chair models and configurations.
  • 100% GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR COMFORT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - backed up by Amazon’s A-Z Guarantee. Additionally this headrest is backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • SUPERIOR ERGONOMICS - Eliminate upper-back, shoulder, and neck pain by adding this headrest to your chair.
  • INSTANT RELIEF - Allows you to relax and maximize productivity.
  • STRONG, BUT VERSATILE - Provides reliable support that adjusts freely Up & Down, Forward & Backward, Tilt Up & Tilt Down, all from a seated position.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Arrives with everything you need and takes only minutes to install.